Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wildcrafting Wednesday -- Tulsi Elixir

Yesterday was harvesting day at my herbal apprenticeship class. We harvested a lot of things, but the plant that was most abundant was Tulsi! Needless to say my whole house is filled with it's wonderfully uplifting scent.

We each took home armfuls of it with many more to spare! It was divided 13 ways with more to spare. It is quite amazing that it was all grown from less than one little packet of seeds!

One of the things I am making today with part of my harvest is more Tulsi elixir. This elixir is excellent for chilling a stressed Mama(or anyone) out. It is really beneficial for those that need to just relax. It's also nice for right before bedtime to help soothe one's busy mind. I also like this elixir because it's a galactagogue for nursing mothers and promotes milk production. It's a great PMS remedy as well. I plan to add rose and a little kava to this next batch but you can play around with the recipe according to what you have on hand and your personal needs.

Tulsi Elixir Recipe

2 tbsp. fesh Tulsi
4 tbsp. fresh milky oats or oatstraw
1 tsp. part dries Ashwaganda (ground/powdered)
1 tbsp.fresh or dried rose petals

Place herbs in a quart jar and cover with honey. Mix well. Then fill to the top with vodka or brandy. Let this sit out of the sun for 6 weeks, Strain, bottle and label and voila! Fresh Tulsi elixir! You can consume the elixir by spoonful or mixed with tea or water.

Tulsi is otherwise known as Holy Basil, it is easy to cultivate and is good for a myriad of uses medicinally. Such as;

Helps reduce stress as it's a nerve tonic.

It's good for coughs and pretty much any respiratory ailment.

It can be use for treating acne and skin rashes.

For some folks Tulsi can help relieve headaches caused by anxiety and stress.

Tulsi is good for the heart and memory.

Can be used for sore throat, sores in the mouth or on the gums & to clean the teeth.

Tulsi can relieve stomach cramps and promote good digestion.

Can help with some blood sugar issues.

I am definitely adding this plant to my home garden next year!

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